Branding & Strategy

Everyone at Productivity PR has a common goal – to provide our clients with the best possible strategies, resources, counsel and seamless execution. We go beyond merely securing editorial coverage. We develop strategic communications and messaging that sparks interest, impacts your audience, and builds customer loyalty and preference.

Media Relations

Productivity PR excels in media relations. From national magazines to newspapers to trade publications to high-level broadcast opportunities to special interest blogs we know how to convert ideas into meaningful editorial stories. We have worked hard to develop and maintain relationships with the media and it translates into consistent coverage for our clients

Grassroots Marketing

While we no longer need to go door to door, grassroots marketing continues to be a strong proven tool to reach a special demographic, impact a local community, or a niche audience.  Whether you're a local business or restaurant or manufacture a product for a niche market, Productivity PR can support you with a grassroots campaign  with personal phone calls, emails, etc. to reach potential customers directly and entice them to try your business, product or service ....and ultimately, spread the word organically to their peers.

Reputation Management

For most companies, their brand reputation is their most valuable asset. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating your brand identity but unfortunately, a few bad reviews can significantly affect your business. But how you respond to a bad review, product recall, or a disgruntled customer can positively or negatively affect your reputation tenfold.  Productivity PR is available to help you navigate through the turbulent waters, monitor relevant social media and review channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, etc.), and respond or address each concern tactfully, timely, seriously and personally on your behalf  to resolve the situation and/or make other site users are aware that you genuinely care about your customers and your brand.

Crisis Communications

Crisis communications starts with planning. Nobody wants or expects a crisis or negative exposure but if (or when) it happens, you need to be prepared to address it with poise, knowledge, resources, a solid plan to mitigate its escalation, and one voice. Productivity PR is available to develop an effective messaging strategy and respond directly with media inquiries to help you navigate the storm.

Trade Show Support

For many companies, trade shows are the most important marketing tool that they have…and successful publicity at trade shows is essential to success. To complement exhibiting at a trade show, Productivity PR, Inc. can develop new product announcements and content for marketing materials, schedule media interviews in advance, coordinate media logistics, plan on-site media events, negotiate marketing sponsorships, assist with booth promotions, etc.

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Content Creation

Press Releases. Sales Sheets. Corporate Backgrounders. Presentations. Blog Posts. You name it, we can write it. Our team works closely with our clients to develop carefully crafted documents to deliver your message effectively and efficiently.

New Product Launches

Productivity PR specializes in launching new brands and products and we know what it takes to set it apart from the competition. Whether your product will be introduced in collaboration with a trade show, the gift giving season, or mid-year; we will develop the best strategy, messaging and positioning to gain editorial exposure and gain consumer awareness.

Restaurant Marketing

Whether you're a new restaurant or looking to refresh your brand, Productivity PR has a passion for good food and bringing people together.  By using a variety of tactics such us media relations, social media marketing, influencer marketing, taking new food and venue photos, grass roots marketing, email & print campaigns, and more; we can help grow your customer base and involvement in your community. 

Influencer Marketing

Productivity PR harnesses industry thought leaders, influencers and advocates to drive awareness, engagement, and preference for our clients.  By collaborating with powerful social media influencers, journalists, celebrities and industry leaders who personally connect with mass consumers. By combining traditional PR efforts, social media marketing and partnering with leading influencers, we can drive metrics further than traditional advertising ever could.

Social Media Management

Productivity PR will harness the power of social networking through communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more to encourage interaction, create custom fan pages, create custom Twitter backgrounds, post product information and media coverage pertinent to the fan base, create and host contests / promotions, and increase awareness of news announcements, story ideas, new distribution, etc. From creating custom landing pages to managing daily posts and weekly contests or utilizing a pay-per-click or pay-per-impressions advertising strategy, Productivity PR, Inc. will target specific demographics and utilize strategies which can turn page visitors into fans and potential customers. 

Celebrity Seeding

The concept of celebrity gifting is incredibly powerful because it is incredibly simple. Consumers naturally accept products and services used by people they admire or accept in popular culture. If you can associate your brand with someone who is commonly accepted, your product will be commonly accepted. Productivity PR works closely with celebrity mangers, agents and publicists to determine the ideal celebrities to receive our clients products and coordinate everything from pitch to receipt. 

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